Be A Deal Finder

Find Distressed Houses. Take Photos. Make Money.

Yes, you read that right. As a Deal Finder you’ll be able to make money simply by helping us find a deal.

This is a summary of your work:

1. Find a distressed (fixer upper) house on your daily driving route

2. Snap a photo of that distressed house

3. Upload the photo in our app 

We do the rest. 

It’s that simple!

What is Driving For Dollars?

Driving for Dollars, or D4$, is a simple way to learn about the basics of real estate investing, regardless if you have any previous experience or not.

It’s a free and easy way to start your career in real estate investing at an entry level. There is no cost or overhead except the cost of transportation.

As a Deal Finder for Capital Real Estate Group, LLC you can work part-time on your time and make full-time money. You’ll also gain knowledge and experience in the basic principles of real estate investing.

How does This work?

You will drive around your neighborhood on your daily commute or errands. If you see a distressed property you will snap a photo and upload it in the app.

What is considered a ‘distressed’ property?

  • A property with overgrown grass and weeds;
  • A fire or storm damaged house;
  • A house with boarded up doors & windows;
  • A house with code violation signs;
  • A house that appears abandoned or vacant;
  • An ‘ugly’ house

These houses are considered distressed and typically are not habitable or difficult to sell by a real estate agent. So we are seeking to buy these houses, update them and help to improve the neighborhood.

Once you add the property, the app will tag the property to you. From there, our team will find the owner, negotiate an offer, and work to close the deal on your behalf.

If the offer is accepted and we close the deal with a rehabber/developer, you will receive commission from the profit. The profit is the difference between what we negotiate with the homeowner and what we sell the property for AS-IS. The transactions are typically completed quickly (between 14-30 days) because we are buying the property AS-IS and usually conducting a business to business transaction. Therefore, we are not waiting for a buyer to inspect the property and take the time to get approved for a mortgage.

What Does It Cost To Become a Deal Finder?

As a Deal Finder for Capital Real Estate Group, LLC, these monthly fees will be covered for you:

  • Driving App to save your deals – $49 per month
  • Electronic Signing App Business Software – $39 per month
  • Property Info Lookups – $.25 – $1.00 per lead
  • Postcards and Direct Marketing Expenses: $1.00 – 2.00 per lead
  • Title and Legal Work – About $2500+ per property
  • Virtual Assistant – $300 – $900 per month
  • Plus we’ll assign and acquisitions (sales) rep on our team to negotiate the offer

Total average savings to you: $3,500+ monthly

Why Become a Deal Finder:

Aside from owning a car (or bike); having a valid driver’s license; and owning a smartphone (iPhone or Android) –  you can start doing this job within 24 hours after you sign up. You don’t need any specific experience or industry knowledge to do this. Best of all, there’s absolutely no cost to join!

  • You make your own schedule
  • You learn about real estate investing
  • You make a generous profit without a lot of work
  • You spend $0 per month to learn and earn in real estate
  • You can do this in any of the 50 states
  • You create financial freedom in one of the world’s biggest industries: real estate!
  • You decide if you want to add 1 property when you have time, or upload 100+ properties in a week. It’s completely up to you!

Once you have added the property to the app, our team will immediately begin researching and trying to acquire the property.

NOTE:  If you get a potential prospect, you may need to take photos of the interior of the house we get a contract for. And you might have to meet with homeowners to get paperwork signed – rare, but sometimes necessary.

How Much Can I Make:

We think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much money you can earn for a low stress job with relatively no experience and minimal work required. The ‘hardest’ part of your training will be completing the application below, setting up the app on your phone, and watching the training video for the app (less than 20 minutes in total)

Deal #’s 1, 2 and 3:

For your first 3 deals that we close, you will earn $500/per property (that we are able to acquire and sell).

Deal #4 and beyond:

If you are serious about this gig, we will be serious about the money we pay you. Therefore, we will offer 15%+ commission on each deal (which typically exceeds $1,000) with performance bonuses and other incentives for our most ‘ACTIVE’ deal finders.

What’s the Catch?:


There is no catch. Capital Real Estate Group, LLC does real estate investments in all 50 states. Imagine the money we can save by not having a physical office and staff in each of those states. And we also don’t have to pay marketing which could get very expensive very fast. By working directly with people most in need, we are able to keep our overhead low and thus pay a generous amount. It really is that simple.

Who Makes A Great Deal Finder:

If you have a car, valid driver’s license, and a smartphone you already have met the major requirements. Aside from that, it’s just a matter of your interest in doing this type of work. People in the following situations have had tremendous success, but it really comes down to your time and interest in doing it:
  • Uber, Lyft, Grocery and Restaurant Delivery Drivers 
  • Anybody who is retired and loves sight seeing or ‘staying busy’
  • People who live in urban or suburban areas
  • Anybody interested in getting started in real estate investing
  • Mom’s who shuttle kids to different activities
  • Seasonal employees looking for some extra income
  • Introverted and shy people who don’t like socializing with others
  • College students looking for above minimum wage to pay off debts
  • Somebody who loves to hustle and is looking to make some ‘paper’

How to Get Started:

We thought you’d never ask!

  1. Complete the deal finder application below
  2. We’ll set you up with your own dedicated driving link, and send you a brief training video on using the app.
  3. You’re all set – it’s time to start driving and earning!
Still have questions before you sign up?  
REACH OUT to us through our contact form.