How to Sell a House When Going Through Divorce

Are you considering divorce or going through divorce at the moment? If either of you is no longer interested in living in the family home or no one can afford to buy out the other, the best option is to sell the home and divide the proceeds. But how do you sell a house when going through divorce? Which options do you have? In this post, am going to share with you tips on how to make this happen fast so that you can move on with life and start afresh.

Deciding To Sell a Home

Since divorce is an emotional process, both parties have to agree to put their family home on the market for sale. Once, there are no injunctions, it becomes very easy to move to the next step which is determining the property asking price.

Working With an Experienced Real Estate Agent

The first option that you have when selling a house when going through divorce is to work with a real estate agent. Both parties need to agree and settle on a particular agent who has excellent communication skills and expertise in dealing with selling of such properties.

A real estate agent will help you in matters home appraisal and offer suggestions on the possible home improvements that you can make so as to increase the property value or asking price.

Once you have agreed on the asking price and you have made necessary improvements to your home, the agent will proceed and list your home on the local MLS in order to attract prospective home buyers.

The next step will be to prepare for home showing. This is where you finalize any improvements as you await potential home buyers. You will have to agree where the money for repairs and cleaning will come from or who will compensate the other. If both parties are not agreeing, you will need to go through a court process and this will derail your plans of getting your share and moving on fast.

If both of you are already living somewhere else, your agent can help with home staging. When the home is ready, you will then be required to work together in reviewing offers from interested home buyers. If you have a professional realtor, they will advise you on this matter so that you can both agree and settle on one fair offer.

Once you have settled on a particular offer, your agent will represent you in all other home selling processes until the home is closed. The payments can be done via an escrow agent who will have clear instructions of the percentage each party will get as previously agreed.

Selling Your House Fast To a Real Estate Investor

Another best option that you can choose if you are selling a house when going through divorce is to approach a real estate investor. Real estate investor will give you a cash offer and guarantees faster home closing. I believe this is the best option since both parties are looking for ways to sell their property fast and move on.

A real estate investor understands that time is of essence when you are going through divorce and they will give you a cash offer to review. If both parties agrees to such fair cash offer, they will be able to sell their home within a very short period of time and each party will get their fair share of the house proceeds.

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