Our Story

“Our mother was a woman with unbreakable faith who sought to do good BY AND FOR everyone she met. She often reminded us that when you do good things just because, good things come back to you, just because!”

You don't find the 'happy life', YOU MAKE IT!

Hi There! We’re Shoni & Adam. 

We grew up in a ‘blended’ family, when it didn’t have a label or a definition. And every kid in the neighborhood played outside until the street light came on, lol.

Our mom was the matriarch of the family and all the values and kindness she shared was the norm, not the exception. She was such an angelic being that she was praying and giving until her final moments on earth. Shortly before she passed away, her dying wish was for us to start a business together and leave no one behind.

We interpreted this as  building awesome family memories that last a lifetime. This experience often starts with living in a great home AND neighborhood. Thus, we decided to pursue real estate creative investing and development. 

We love imagining, designing, building, and managing beautiful spaces across a diverse portfolio of properties. While we started with fix and flips and a few holdings in the single family space, our current portfolio has expanded to include apartment buildings, mobile home parks, and storage facilities. We’re devoted to building attractive and functional habitats for ALL individuals and families that we serve.

Our hard work ethic, integrity, and all that we give and do is inspired by the strong values instilled by our mom.

See how we’re accomplishing her wish and be sure to take a peek at our design portfolio.

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