Selling a House with Code Violations

Are you planning to sell your home and have realized it has a code violation, lien, or overdue utility bill? Don’t worry because you can still navigate through this obstacle and still manage to sell it fast.

What is a code violation, you ask? It refers to a situation where your home falls short of minimum local municipal or county building code. Code violations in a building occurs when the builder fails to adhere to minimum construction standards and ends up with substandard fixtures and faulty appliances.

When selling a house with code violations, you can choose the following options to get the deal done.

  • Decide to fix the code violation issue with relevant authorities
  • Consider lowering your asking price
  • Sell your house as is to a professional home buyer, such as Capital Real Estate Group, LLC

1. Fixing the Code Violations Issue

If your house has code violations issues, they could range from simple fixes which you can do it yourself to bigger repairs which may require the interventions of a professional expert. Although what constitutes to a code violation vary from state to state, the most common building code violations include;

  • Incorrectly placed smoke alarms
  • Defective handrails which can’t turn or ends into a wall
  • Faulty or missing ground-fault circuit interrupter
  • Bathroom exhaust fans which vent into an attic
  • Defective or missing deck flashing

If as homeowner you have any of these problems, the best thing to do is to consider fixing them first, before placing your home on the market.

2. Lowering the Asking Price or Offering Credit to Prospective Buyers

If you are in a financial crisis and you can’t meet the cost of fixing the issues highlighted as code violations in your home, you can opt to sell your house at a lower price to the home buyer. However, this can only be possible if the issues constituting to a code violation can’t pose any health or safety risk to the prospective homebuyer.

However, since most home buyers prefer buying a home which is safe and has a clean title deed, you will have an uphill task getting a home buyer who will buy such a home in its current condition. That’s why it’s advisable to save time and consider engaging a reliable real estate investor who will buy your house for cash.

3. Working With a Professional Home Buyer to Sell Your House As Is

A professional home buyer could be your best bet and option if you don’t have the time or money to address the code violations, but need to sell your house fast. Professional home buyers can make the necessary investments to get the property up to code. When you engage a reputable professional home buyer, they will appraise your home and give you a fair cash offer.

Working with a professional home buyer guarantees a faster home closing and you will get money in your bank account in a matter of days without having to worry of doing expensive repairs. As the home seller, you can always negotiate with the home buyer for a fair discounted price depending with the condition of the house.

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